Still up to no good.


Fine Arts major in Advertising.

I love Science,
and Art.

I hate combing my hair.

I'm secretly a "Bird Lady."

And none of the photos are mine unless tagged as mine.


Hello I am Jean-Pierre Lupdag. I am a painter based in London studying at Central Saint Martins. These paintings are a part of an ongoing series called “Heterotopia” 

Where I explore a psychological space on the other side of the mirror. The paintings are oil on canvas.

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Peculiar Diary Entries Of Franz Kafka (Part 2)


  1. "Would you call it a conversation if the other person is silent and, to keep up the appearance of a conversation, you try to substitute for him, and so imitate him, and so parody him, and so parody yourself."
  2. "The dirty little barefoot girl running along in her shift with her hair blowing."