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Scientists Create the Face of Crystal Skull Vodka From a Bottle

Crystal Skull vodka is probably known for its distinctive bottle. Forensic scientists used the bottle as a base and reconstructed its face - straight out of a crime drama! 

Crystal Skull Vodka

not sexy!!!! :/

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Melanocanthon bispinatus

sometimes known as the “Tumble Bug” Melanocanthon bispinatus is a species of scarab beetle (Scarabaeinae) that is native to Eastern North America. Adult M. bispinatus are active from April to July and have a varied diet which ranges from fungi to the dung of various animals. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Coleoptera-Polyphaga-Scarabaeoidea-Scarabaeidae-Scarabaeinae-Canthonini-Melanocanthon-M. bispinatus

Images: Mark Moran and Cotinis

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