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I'm secretly a "Bird Lady."

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Beautiful Anatomical Skeletons, Posed and Photographed As Sculptures

Photographer Patrick Gries transforms ordinary specimens, stripped of fur and flesh, into art that showcases motion, predation and evolution

What happens when you unleash an acclaimed luxury goods photographer on hundreds of anatomical animal skeletons kept in museum collections

If that photographer is Patrick Gries and the skeletons are those of Paris’ Natural Museum of History, you’ll get a series of 300 stark photographs that transform staid, ordinary scientific specimens into biological art.

1.A golden eagle swoops for a rabbit     2. A Narwhal

3.An African elephant            4. A Horse and Human

5. A Brown Woolly Monkey           6. A Flying Lemur
7. A Cheetah                                8.A red fox and common vole
9.A Eurasian Sparrowhawk and a House Sparrow
10. A Rattlesnake

these are from a great book

I don’t get all this hate against Germany. It’s heartbreaking to see a great team lose but you have to appreciate the fact that Germany was a team during their match against Brazil.


Yeah, they did struggle a bit against USA, Ghana and Algeria but they pulled their shit together, something that Brazil should’ve done when they lost Neymar and Thiago.

It’s not Germany’s fault that Brazil panicked and lost their cool. Germany came in prepared, they were focused, and they had great communication, so where is all this hate coming from?

Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant


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After 15 years my grandma finally got a new puppy


After 15 years my grandma finally got a new puppy


I can’t see you, but I love you [xpost from /r/animalexpressions]


I can’t see you, but I love you [xpost from /r/animalexpressions]


Alan John Herbert: “The Body”

Alan John Herbert‘s The Body has only one flaw, it is too brief. It is such a beautiful series–brilliant even. The two mediums, illustration and photography, partake in a wonderful waltz, gliding across your psyche without missing a beat.

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